Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Bicycle Library - London

Imagine a library where instead of books, there are bicycles. Some are for reference, some you can take home for up to 10 days, others you can buy direct, once you know YOUR bike.
The Bicycle Library is an exciting new educational concept where you will be able to test a variety of bicycles, each designed to meet the needs of everyday city life. Either walk in and obtain advice and information within our files and books, or make an appointment with our 'Librarian' to learn about which bicycle will enable you to do your daily routine without a car. You will be able to try out our bicycles on a dedicated, covered test track, rain or shine. If you're happy with your choice, you'll be able to take that bike away for days, to integrate it into your everyday life. If you decide it fits your needs, you can buy it direct from the manufacturer to your door.
More and more people are choosing to cycle throughout the year. There is a renaissance in bicycle usage and design these days, be that to protect our environment from harmful pollutants, to save money, to become more active, or even to beat the traffic and get from A to B quicker. One day, again (100 years later!) there will be far more bicycles than cars on our city’s streets. Companies will cater for each person’s specific need, building bicycles which will fit the task whatever the occasion, be that commuting, recreation, transporting your entire family or moving house even.
The Bicycle Library will help pave this way...

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